Aeropress Recipes

Aeropress Recipes

The AeroPress is a great starting device for a home-brewer. Available at a very low price point and offering great transportability, A cross between a classic French press and modern immersion brewing technology, it allows you to create a wide variety of cups of coffee. Additionally, with its labeled tube, there is no need to use a scale when making a cup of coffee on the fly. Whether you like a classic cup, thick brew, or something tea-like, the AeroPress offers the versatility to explore every possibility.

-16:1 Classic

A great recipe when traveling with an AeroPress. It is perfect for waking up, and even adding a little cream and sugar.

Dose: 16g

Total Water Used: 256g

First, take apart the AeroPress and place a filter in the head. Wet the filter to wash off any remaining paper taste on the filter.

Now, pull the plunger of the AeroPress until it is less than a half-inch from the end of the brewing tube.

Pour your 16g of ground coffee into the AeroPress after setting it upright on the plunger end.


Bloom: start by pouring 50g of water (or up to #1 on the AeroPress tube) over the coffee and stir.


Single Pulse: In slight circular motions, now add 206g of water to the AeroPress. More simply, fill the press to the brim with water.


Stir: Using a spoon, chopstick, or other long, thin instrument, stir the coffee in the AeroPress. This will agitate the coffee, helping it extract evenly.


Stir Again: in the same fashion as the previous step, agitate the coffee.


Attach the Lid: At the mark, attach the lid to the AeroPress.


Invert the Aeropress: Now, carefully flip the AeroPress over your coffee cup and allow it to rest for 10s.


Press: During the course of the last 20s of the extraction, press on the plunger to force the coffee into your cup. The pressure will be the final element in this process.

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