French Press Coffee

The French Press is a classic piece of coffee brewing equipment and an excellent method for the morning coffee. All recipes are prepared using medium-coarse grounds and boiling water. These recipes will not include a bloom step, as it is not a part of the process for this method.

Four-minute brew time for French Press is the recommendation, though this is another instance where we encourage you to find out what you like!



Dose: 2tbsp coffee beans

Total Water Used: 1 cup


  • Pour the coffee grounds into the french press, then add water to the press. Stir the coffee thoroughly with a spoon or thin instrument.
  • Place the lid on the press with the plunger up and wait 4 minutes.
  • At the 4 minute mark, press the plunger and pour your cup of coffee. Enjoy the aromatics, and rich, robust flavor.

If you need that extra cup for yourself, for a friend or partner, or just to warm your hands, follow these measurements using the same process listed above:


Dose: ¼ cup of coffee beans

Total Water Used: 2 cups


Dose: ½ cup of coffee beans

Total Water Used: 4 cups


Dose: 1 cup of coffee beans

Total Water Used: 8 cups

Other Uses:

If you have a french press and are interested in an iced option, try these recipes:

French Press Flash: to make a flash chilled french press, follow any of the recipes above, but only use half of the called for water. During the brew, measure ice to equate to the other half of the water (2-serving, use 1c water, 1c ice). Once the brewing is complete, pour the coffee over the ice.

French Press Cold Brew: if you read the cold brew guide provided and have a french press, you can actually use the guidelines provided in that section to make cold brew coffee in your french press. Instead of using cheesecloth, you can use the French Press plunger. After preparing the grounds and water in your french press, press the plunger right before draining the brew.