Kalita Wave Recipes

Lately, this has been my favorite recipe. Though not officially endorsed by many, I have been loving brewing a cup with an exceptionally long bloom. This, for me, has resulted in cups that are remarkably sweet, with low acidity and a rich body.

Dose: 28g

Water Used: 420g

First, just as with our previous recipes, wet your filter by pouring water into the center until it is halfway full. Allow the water to drain and then empty the water from your cup.

Now, pour your coffee grounds into the filter, ensuring they are spread out evenly with a flat top.


Bloom: Begin a timer as you pour 80g of water over the coffee. Allow gases to rise, and if you like, stir the coffee with a spoon or swirl with your hand.


Extended Bloom: Now, we will allow our coffee to rest. During this time, all of the gases will be released from the coffee, and as the water passes through it completely, the extraction will again stop. This leaves us with a “fresh start” with coffee grounds that now have been degassed and soaked, which seems to encourage greater sweetness in the cup. I encourage you to look up why this extraction turns out the way it does!


Pulse: Once the timer reaches the 3:00s mark, pour 80g of water over the coffee starting from the center and making circular motions outward.


Pulse: Once the timer reaches the 3:45 mark, pour an additional 100g water over the coffee, again using circular motions.


Pulse: Pour an additional 100g of water over the coffee. Your scale should now read 360g.


Final Pulse: Now add the final 60g of water to the coffee, making your scale read 420g. After this step, we will allow the water to drain from the brewer into our cup of coffee. It should drain from the brewer somewhere between the 5:45-6:00m mark.