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Misty Mornings - Craft Milk Chocolate 50% Cacao

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About the Chocolate

Misty Mornings Dark Milk Chocolate is a tantalizing creation born from the lush landscapes of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Our unique chocolate combines the best of both worlds, boasting a remarkable 50% cacao content that seamlessly marries the rich depth of dark chocolate with the velvety smoothness of milk chocolate.

Inspired by the enchanting mist-kissed mornings of Alta Verapaz, Misty Mornings captures the essence of this mystical region. Picture hills covered in verdant greenery, where clouds gently embrace trees and mountains, creating an atmosphere of pure tranquility. Our chocolate seeks to transport you to these cloud-kissed landscapes with every indulgent bite.

Crafted from cacao beans cultivated in the heart of Guatemala. Immerse yourself in the sweet and smooth notes that characterize this chocolate, a perfect balance of creaminess and richness. Each bite unveils a robust fruity taste harmoniously entwined with luscious caramel, creating a sensory experience that is nothing short of divine.

Misty Mornings doesn't stop there – it surprises your taste buds with a distinct and delightful citric and raspberry undertone, adding complexity to its profile. As you savor the chocolate, a subtle hint of coffee emerges, rounding off the flavor journey with sophistication.

Enjoy Misty Mornings Dark Milk Chocolate and embark on a sensory adventure that takes you beyond the ordinary. Elevate your chocolate experience with the mystical allure of Guatemala's misty mornings, encapsulated in every delectable square.


    Flavor Profile

    Sweet and smooth flavor. It has a robust fruity taste with caramel. It has a distinct and pleasant citric and raspberry taste with a hint of coffee.

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