The Best Coffee Spot at Plaza las Rosas - BIARTE SPECIALTY PRODUCTS -

The Best Coffee Spot at Plaza las Rosas - BIARTE SPECIALTY PRODUCTS -

First Farmer's Market Experience - ✔

Biarte participated in its first Farmer's Market this past Sunday at Plaza las Rosas.

We loved the experience, and the Plaza las Rosas organizers and staff played a huge role in our success that day. The market was a pop-up agreement with Veracruz Tacos, who no doubt have a great fan base.

We came with little knowledge about how these events work but the organizers immediately took care of us and helped us with the setup. Setting up the stand was a bit chaotic, funny and we realized at the last minute that we had left some stuff at the warehouse so we had to run back to get them (a couple of times). We wanted to be ready to go as soon as the event started, and we made it, but barely!

Our shirts were sweaty, our faces were red, but we were so thrilled to be there!

Even with our early mishaps, the event went much better than expected. There was plenty of interest from people who wanted to learn more about us, and who bought our products. Our products do not disappoint, we know that, but there is nothing like watching other people enjoy them.

We are extremely grateful to Plaza las Rosas and Veracruz Tacos for giving us this opportunity on such short notice.

We look forward to getting into more farmers' markets and seeing some of you there!


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