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Tropical Wildflower Honey

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  • Treat yourself to the pure, all-natural goodness of our tropical wildflower honey.
  • Harvested from our very own apiaries, nestled amidst the lush tropical forests surrounding our coffee farm in Guatemala.
  • Enjoy the incredible health benefits of this natural sweetener, bursting with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to nourish your body and soul.
  • Savor our wildflower honey's unique and complex flavor profile, crafted by nature and perfected by our dedicated team.
  • Perfect for sweetening your favorite foods and drinks or enjoying it on its own as a natural energy boost.
  • With every spoonful, you'll taste the purity and authenticity of our sustainably harvested honey straight from the heart of the Guatemalan tropics.

Our all-natural, pure tropical wildflower honey is a wonder on the palate. This multi flower honey comes from apiaries located at a coffee farm in Guatemala that is surrounded by tropical forest. When the bees are not collecting nectar from the coffee flower, they have a great selection of flowers from many other native plants and trees that create a perfect recipe for a rich and tasty honey.

We are proud to say our honey is 100% natural and has not been altered in any way. This means that the honey contains all its natural vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that make it such a healthy sweet pleasure.
Not only does the honey taste amazing, bees are an essential part to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

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