One by One Program

Created to boost the social and economic development of small producers in the neighboring communities.


Provide training to small producers in the region of farm best management practices.


Commercialize a unit of coffee produced by a small farmer for every unit produced on our farm.


Support the small coffee producers with better access to inputs, commercialization networks, and sustainable prices to help them become more productive and profitable.

What Challenges are the Small Coffee-Farmers Facing?

Currently the price of coffee has dropped to very low levels. It’s especially felt by smallholder farmers who receive less than $25.00 per quintal (100lbs) of cherry coffee in the last two harvests.

There is a lack of institutional support for smallholder farmers. There are not many options for providing technical assistance even if the intention to do it is there. There are no insurance options so farmers tend to rely on their own limited resources.

Smallholder farmers have a hard time accessing useful and important information, financing, and markets. Smallholder farmers don’t really know where their coffee ends up and sometimes they are not even aware of the quality they produce (which can be superb).

Long-term vision for the program

Create Training Schools for Smallholder Farmers

1. Provide training to small farmers to achieve high-yielding and profitable systems.

2. Establish research and exchange programs with universities.

3. Provide workshops about coffee production.

4. Develop and propose economic development strategies for our regions.