Flash Chilled Iced Coffee

This iced coffee brewing method, popularized in Japan and often referred to as a Japanese Iced Coffee, benefits from “flash chilling” hot coffee as it contacts the ice in the brewing vessel. Brews made using this method tend to be very delicate, highly acidic, and nuanced in flavor, as many aromatics and other flavors that might otherwise diminish as the hot coffee cools over time are frozen on contact.


Dose: 31g

Total Water Used: 250g


  • First, wet your filter by pouring water into the center until it is halfway full. Allow the water to drain and then empty the water from your cup.
  • Next, fill your brewing vessel (cup, carafe, etc.) with 250g of ice. We will be brewing our coffee directly into this ice to complete the flash chilling process.
  • Now, pour your coffee grounds into the filter, shaking gently to ensure they are evenly spread out.


Bloom: Begin a timer as you pour 80g of water over the coffee. Allow gases to rise, and if you like, stir the coffee with a spoon or swirl with your hand.


First Pulse: Now, in concentric circles starting in the middle of the bed, pour 90g of water over the coffee.


Second Pulse: Pour, in concentric circles, an additional 80g of water over the coffee, making your scale read 250g.

The coffee should drain completely by the 2:40-3:15m mark.